In a nutshell…

RENT is a very special party.  Founded by Jonathan Sewell and Martin Prendergast (AKA DJ Little Martin) in the Summer of 2003, RENT has grown and developed over the years…adored by our loyal fans, we continue to shape Houston’s nightlife seven years later.  Our dream has always been to create the perfect night out, the ultimate clubbing experience…we’re still striving for that – our noble goal.

Houston is a great international city where people come from all over the world to live, work and have fun.  It is therefore a cultural melting pot, rich in diversity and talented people.  We have been fortunate to have been able to bring those people together – united by a common desire to dance to great music and enjoy a great night out.

Our Halloween 2010 Edition will be our 58th event and the first at Stereo Live (formerly ‘Bar Rio’).  For the last 8 years, the Halloween Rent Party has been the most popular and wildest Halloween event in Houston…the freaks come out in force for this party, costumes galore.

You should see the PARTY we have planned for 2010!


Where did the name come from?

Our inspiration for RENT came from several sources.  First of all, we started out throwing RENT parties at the end of each month.  This drew parallels with the ‘rent’ parties in 1920s Harlem where, landlord rent hikes forced many to throw neighborhood shindigs to raise extra money.  Also, from a UK perspective – “Soul II Soul ” threw ‘rent parties’ in Brixton (London) in the 1980s to help them raise funds to pursue their musical dreams…the rest is history.

Why is RENT so popular, what is it like?

That’s a good question…you’ll have to ask one of our fans, but here are some things which might be a factor…

We’ve worked very hard over the years to build the respect and loyalty of our customers.  We created RENT based on the experience of many combined years of international clubbing and knowledge of the dance music industry.  We started small and grew organically over time.  Our aim is to make people feel special when they walk through the door…that we’ve made an effort to give them a great night out.  We take nothing for granted.

Enormous effort goes into the production of each event, as each one is themed and decorated.  We don’t have a ‘VIP’.  Why? – because we believe that everyone who comes to RENT is a VIP – everyone is the same.  There’s no dress code…all you have to be is 18, and come prepared to dance and have fun with a smile.

From a musical perspective, RENT isn’t your ordinary DJ event.  By having two rooms, we provide two contrasting musical environments: the Main Room and the “Barry White Room”.  The main room is large and resembles more of a show…DJs center stage, accompanied by live percussion.  The “Barry White Room” (named upon his passing) has always been smaller, and offers a more eclectic mix.

We like to think that we combined the best of each element: music, people, environment and marketing to ensure that the focus is on the ‘night’, rather than the venue.  By being venue independent, we’ve been able to move the party around various venues as we’ve grown and adapted to needs.  Ultimately, it’s the people that make RENT what it is.  Take a look around the gallery, you’ll get the idea.

One of our long-time slogans has been “If you don’t know, ask somebody…”
We stand by that and suggest that you do the same…it won’t be long before you meet someone who knows.